Climate, Clothing and Luggage

Best Time to Visit 5 Stans - Central Asia and Caucasus

With sharply continental climate, Central Asia has hot summers with cold winters making Spring (April to June) and Fall (mid August to mid November) best months to visit. During this time of the year you can expect pleasant weather with sunny days ending with chilly nights, and low chances of precipitation. Central Asia has low humidity, making hot weather feel less disturbing.


There are no special clothing requirements. Central Asia is modern when it comes to dress code in major cities and gets more conservative in remote smaller cities. As example dress code is similar to what is in Turkey. Feel free to wear comfortable shorts, t-shirts and tops depending on weather, however please avoid very short shorts or deep cuts on tops because your itinerary includes visiting religious sites. There are no restrictions for woman to cover head when entering religious monuments, nor a need to be accompanied by a male. Some of sites might require taking off the shoes. It is recommended to bring light cotton clothing, head, sunglasses and sun screen. Shoes must be comfortable for walking and easy to take off. Layers and light jacket will help to feel warm and comfortable during cooler evenings.

Luggage Suggestions

There are internal flights on the tour allowing up to 40 pounds of luggage in one piece to be checked in with 10 pounds of carry on allowance. Please be sure to feel comfortable moving your luggage yourself. We recommend you to have a small backpack or carriage for daily use while on the excursion to carry water, camera, valet, etc. There is no need to carry your entire suitcase at all times, for example suitcase can be left in Uzbekistan for overnight excursion to Tajikistan packing only things you might need for 1 day.

Please feel comfortable to e-mail or call with any questions you might have regarding weather, clothing and luggage. It is important to us that your trip with East Site comes to your complete satisfaction.