Cash on the Tour

Currency exchange and money withdrawal

Each country visited on the tour has its own currency, in order to avoid money exchange issues our price of the tour is all inclusive. The only expenses not included are of personal nature for additional services and purchases of souvenirs.

We recommend not relaying on accessibility of ATMs, use of credit/debit cards nor money withdrawal from the banks because it is not well established and time consuming during most part of the trip.

There will be bank branches and ATMs in 4-5 star hotels in capital cities however they might be out of cash, on technical break or not functioning for other reasons.

Some of souvenir shops accept credit/debit cards however it is more practical and less expensive to use cash for purchases.

In case of emergency if you’re out of cash without access to money withdrawal we will supply you with cash by placing a charge on your credit/debit card on our US merchant account with extra fee of 20% of amount needed, in that case money will be given by your guide.


We recommend carrying low domination US dollar bills ($1, $5, $10, $20) which must be in good to perfect condition printed after 2006. Bills must not have rips, stamps, tears, marks or any other kind of damage; otherwise they won’t be accepted for exchange or purchase. It is also recommended not to exchange more than needed, otherwise it won’t be possible to exchange back to US dollars or other currency.

Tipping guidelines

Tipping is not required, however highly appreciated by guides, drivers, hotel and restaurant staff in a range of 5$ per guide/driver per person per day, the amount can be less or more.

Border crossing

It is important to declare exact amount of money you have with you when enter and exit each country. It is only possible to carry out less or same amount than written in your declaration form upon entry. It is important to save your second copy of declaration form upon entry to exit each country in case of you carry more than $ 200 US with you.

Please feel comfortable to e-mail or call with any questions you might have regarding money related issues. It is important to us that your trip with East Site comes to your complete satisfaction.